the Imagined Village, Empire & Love Tour now on!


  1. Really looked forward to the show at Liverpool Phil after hearing so many good things about your last visit…….but the gig was really let down by your sound. The acoustics at the Phil are pretty good but I think your soundman had left the building….lots of mid mush and bass, very hard to pick out vocals and fiddles whilst the cello was just lost except for the duet. Great shame as the content was great.

    Dave Cotterill
  2. Great gig at Liverpool…loved every minute of it!!
    We were sat in the second row of the stalls and the sound was pretty good. I’ve been to a number of electrified concerts at the Phil when there have been mixed comments about the sound…maybe the “sweet spot” is too small for “modern” music….but what do I know??
    All the best!

  3. Went to gig at theatre severn,shrewsbury on wednesday night, first time I`ve seen the band.
    Sound was excellent,band fantastic !! Only one real disappointment- it was all over far too quickly.
    How would I sum it all up ?
    F****NG BRILLIANT !!!!


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