Dizraeli and the Small Gods

We are a 7 piece band from England, playing a folked, melodic, unashamedly heartfelt reinvention of hiphop.

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We formed in 2009 when I (Dizraeli) released my debut solo album, ‘Engurland (City Shanties)’. The album featured many of the band members anyway, and they came together to tour the songs from it.

You couldn’t imagine a more talented bundle of humans than the Small Gods: groundbreaking players from the two worlds of hiphop and folk.

We were so excited by each other by the end of that first tour that we decided to keep the thing going. Before we knew it, we’d won ourselves a slot on the West Holts stage at Glastonbury, collaborated with Shlomo at the Queen Elizabeth Hall and worked on groundbreaking live projects with artists as diverse as Chris Wood (BBC Folk Singer of the Year) and Jam Baxter, as well as rolling all over the place in a fart-smelling bus playing shows to a growing crowd.

We want to tingle your spine, nod your head and generally folk with your idea of what hiphop can be. The point, though, is that there’s nothing better than travelling with these friends, bending everyone’s boundaries.

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