The Source CD


The Observer: A daring, triumphant creation

fRoots: This is a colossus of an album

The Mirror: Their first album in 11 years. It’s loveliness shows the time hasn’t been wasted

folkradio.co.uk: .. Like tuning in to Youssou N’dour meets The Chieftains. If that sounds unlikely, keep the faith…two forms of roots music that meld in a way you really would not have thought possible


Also available on 12″ double vinyl with USB containing exclusive material


Afro Celt Sound System celebrate their 20th anniversary with dynamic new album “The Source”

A pure shot of sunshine, this life affirming, energetic, cross continental fusion signifies a celebratory return to the band’s roots.

Core members Simon Emmerson, N’Faly Kouyate and Johnny Kalsi, return alongside long-standing collaborators Davy Spillane, Emer Mayock, Moussa Sissoko and members of Scottish folk fusion Shooglenifty.

Newcomer Griogair Labhruidh brings gritty, witty Gaelic rapping, pipes and guitar riffs to the mix while and Rioghnach Connolly lends her hauntingly soulful voice and flute skills.



Also available as 12″ double vinyl with USB containing exclusive live performance videos click here

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Calling in the Horses
Beware Soul Brother
The Magnificent Seven (ACSS meets TDF)
A Higher Love (tune 'Monkswell Road')
Honey Bee
Where Two Rivers Meet
Mansani Cisse / Taladh
Child of Wonder
Desert Billy (tune 'The balcony')
The Communicator
The Soul of a Sister
Kalsi Breakbeat